claRa apaRicio yoldi – Concept, Video, Found Footage Collages, Animation, Effects, Editing
DubRoot & Ciara Clifford – Soundtrack
Video based on a text by José Luis Brea: RAM_city (1000 screens), part of the book cultura_RAM. Mutations of culture in the age of electronic distribution.
It is the transition from a city with “Read-only memory” (ROM) to a city with “Random-access memory”: RAM_city. From a “file based memory” to a “network memory”. From a “storage memory” to a “factory memory”.
In this new city there are no monuments or heroes to commemorate. The history of this city is not made up of individual moments despotically imposed, ensuring their presence into the present. Here, nothing crystallizes as a fixed memory. It is a continuous exchange, a permanent awakening. Culture is not marked by tradition and inheritance rules, nor by the need to follow the same canon.
In RAM_city everything is disagreement, there is nothing to be concluded as real. The formation of the imaginary is a continuous and open negotiation. Not between individuals and the state, but among the units of work, performance and exchange. In the words of Brea: “There is no other “sociality” than this one: occasion and leakage, drift and flow, meeting and rapid dispersion– continuous Big Bang “.