Frequently Asked Questions

Art Television is inviting artists to exhibit their videos and to take part in our TV program.
Besides video art, our program and platform can also include video footage of exhibitions, photographs, articles, texts, ecological art projects, and all other art content.
Once selected your artwork becomes permanently visible to a large international audience and to art professionals worldwide.

Uploading is a simple and quick online process.

Your works must have the opening credits for image and sound clear of all usage rights. Please understand that Art Television will remain exempt from all obligations and liabilities deriving from copyrights for broadcast, but is not requiring the exclusivity over the received material - complete ownership of all works remain with their authors.
For the next program selection please follow these instructions:
Log in or sign in to our website.
Go to the Upload section in the menu.
Fill in all relevant information regarding your video and yourself.
Upload your video in mp4. Please compress your video before uploading it to make sure that it's not bigger than 150MB.

After uploading, please wait to see if your video has been selected for broadcasting - you'll also be informed about the decision via email. Usually it doesn’t take more than 24h.

Please note that your video will not appear automatically - all content presented in our TV program is the subject of our program and art selection.

Content that doesn't meet editorial policy will not be selected for publishing.
The upload video format is mp4 up to 150MB.
URLs (vimeo, youtube), embed videos and as upload only format is mp4 files, please make sure you compress the video not to be bigger than 150MB.
Please upload the image thumbnail.