For the first time in the history of art, a sailing trip around the world will be conducted as an artwork. For the first time in the history of civilization, the level of sea pollution by plastic is so high that we all need to unite immediately against the enormous production of disposable plastic. Take part in this dream project and join us in an urgent action to preserve and protect the purity and beauty of nature, oceans and seas.

The aim of this project is to uncover different aspects of the artistic side of one of the most important phenomena of our age, TRAVELING. By exploring a collective dream of sailing around the world, a large volume of video and photo material will be collected and various participants will be invited to share some of the stages of this journey or their experiences of circumnavigation. The artist Milan Atanaskovic will engage in discussions and exchange with participants on a whole range of topics and issues, such as artistic, demographic, historical, sociological, biological, oceanographic, meteorological, ecological, nautical and many others, above all on plastic pollution. This Distributed utopia deals with different important contemporary questions such as a global transition, bridging the borders, overcoming challenges, climate changes, human knowledge and skills, will, force, determination.

Grass by Ian Henderson