Art Television was created in 1992 by its Editor in Chief and co-founder, artist Milan Atanaskovic, with a group of co-founders, artists, journalists and technicians.
During almost thirty years of its development, the channel was broadcasting as a terrestrial, cable, satellite and internet network in constant change and collaboration with several hundreds of participants and artists (more in Art TV Archive). Art Television today is an open international network and Association for public and artists, galleries and diverse organizations, institutions, curators, collectors, and all others interested in contemporary art.

By interchanging ideas, information, creativity and knowledge on different art, cultural, ecological and media fields and activities, Art Television broadens international art relations, opens a communication space by broadcasting its own TV program, explores new media, creates new links and forms of art and investigates the ever-changing position of art in relation to society.
The aim of this organization is to stimulate art by producing and broadcasting the O ART TV program, to facilitate video art production, publishing and exhibiting, to inspire communication and debate concerning conception and realization of videos and diverse art concepts and emerging art projects. The aim of the Association is also to support the members in finding the audience and partners for the co-production of artworks, exhibitions, and ecologically responsible art projects.

Oart TV – 2019

Art Television 2011 – 2019

Art Channel 2004 – 2011

Art TV – Cultural Channel 1992 - 2003

Milan Atanaskovic, Editor in Chief 1992 - present